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black-speaks-12-4-14-twoShare your thoughts on #BlackOutBusiness By BlackSpeaks. below! What are we doing well? What are we not doing well? How can we improve? All constructive feedback is appreciated!

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  1. The economic state of African Americans is dire. I am glad that your organization is trying to do something positive for minorities. Go #BlackOutBusiness!

  2. It’s a worthwhile movement. We are enduring the worst economy — known as the Great Recession — since the Great Depression of the ’30s. Little over the past decade, according to labor statistics, while much of the nation weathered an 8 percent unemployment rate before it dropped to 5 percent this year, African Americans suffered double that rate at 16 percent before dropping off to at most 14.4 percent, including the black middle class to say nothing of the black low- to moderate-income communities. Both groups — and racial minorities in general — are struggling to maintain gainful, full-time employment as they compete with mainstream society. And even these figures are called into question as to the level of severity. Meanwhile, with an 80 percent failure rate faced by start-up businesses around the nation within the first few years, minority businesses took a hard hit as household financial belts tightened for cheaper goods and services, though small businesses make up the majority of all employment in the country. With scarce jobs, mass layoffs and buisness shutdowns or scalebacks, support for minority businesses becomes more critical than ever before.

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